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Retirement Planning Services

Build a Retirement Plan with an Idaho Falls Financial Advisor

Employer: The plan sponsor (employer) of a retirement plan needs to rely on experts to help with the administration of the retirement plan so your company can focus on its business. Intermountain Wealth Management (IWM) helps employers to organize, formalize, implement and monitor their retirement plan. We provide fiduciary training to help educate and inform those responsible to manage the retirement plan about their duties and responsibilities.  As a fiduciary to the plan, IWM helps the plan sponsor conduct an internal self-assessment to identify areas of strengths and weakness. Correcting a weakness reduces liability with ERISA and the Department of Labor.

Employees: IWM offers individual advice to the employees about their retirement plan and helps employees with investment decisions and choices that best meet their needs and goals. Education meetings are regularly provided for the employees to help inform and educate them about retirement planning.